AVP Workshop Schedule at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center (IMCC)

Typical schedule:

  • Advanced Bullying: May
  • Training for Facilitators (T4F): June
  • Advanced Trauma: July
  • Basic: August
  • Advanced Trauma: Sept.
  • Basic: October
  • Advanced Problem-Solving: Nov.
  • Basic: Dec.

About the Workshops

AVP is an all volunteer organization. The usual method to begin with the Alternatives to Violence Project is to take a Basic Workshop at a prison or at a community workshop when they are offered. We hold 3-day workshops monthly at the prison; generally the 3rd weekend of the month from Friday-Sunday all day. Other workshops that may follow are on topics such as Anger, Forgiveness, Trauma, Bullying, Self Esteem, Communication, and Love and Relationships. After taking 2 advanced workshops, a volunteer may take the Training for Facilitators workshop.

The commitment to learn to facilitate AVP is not entered into lightly. As you can see, the time commitment is substantial.

There are at least 2 outside facilitators and 2 inside facilitators at each workshop and from 16-20 participants. One or two outsiders at a time are usually welcomed to take a Basic when we offer it. The numbers of outsiders are usually dependent on how many insiders are waiting on the list. It works well to take your training in the prison if you intend to facilitate there because one of the purposes of this process is to create community.

The contact person at IMCC is Kevin Weideman at: Kevin.Weideman@iowa.gov

In order to volunteer at any prison you must take a volunteer training session and pass certain strict criteria.


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