Prison Reform Initiatives

The following are ideas that can help create a more positive environment for those in correctional facilities.

  • Alternatives to Violence. Offer Alternatives to Violence programs.
  • Community Interaction. Let local community residents live in the prison (for a fee) and volunteer to assist with the needs of the facility and inmates. Although possibly working full-time during the weekdays. Some interaction would be possible in the evenings and on weekends. This way non-prisoners can live with and influence those in prison.
  • Dance. Provide space for a dance group such as Dances of Universal Peace.
  • Faith. Provide religious services that meet a variety of religious and philosophical viewpoints. Offer alternatives for non-religious people who may want inspiration from non-religious sources.
  • Gardening. Let inmates maintain a garden that produces flowers and fresh food for their use.
  • Groups. Establish groups such as a job club, incarcerated vets, AA, etc.
  • Music. Allow people in the community to donate musical instruments that inmates will have access to. Allow volunteers to teach music. Have a choral group. Allow musicians from the community to come in and perform.
  • Nature. Provide a ‘yard’ for walks that is modified to be more like a park or garden.
  • Sports. Provide equipment for sports teams such as baseball, basketball, football, etc.
  • Writing. Offer writing groups.

Many of the programs listed above are provided at the Iowa Medical & Classification Center (IMCC) north of Coralville, Iowa.


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