The Nature of AVP Workshops

Workshops presented here in Iowa are essentially the same as the workshops throughout the United States in prisons and in community workshops, and fundimentally similar to workshops being presented around the world.

We learn by experience. Although the workshops are facilitated by certified AVP facilitators, the facilitators are not ministers, counselors, teachers, lecturers, or know-it-alls. Facilitators present the materials from the AVP Manuals and help guide the sessions, stepping through a series of structured exercises.

Participants share from their life experiences, develop personal understanding, recognize patterns of behavior, and practice new skills of interpersonal communications and interactions. Where intellectual knowledge is generally not helpful in the midst of conflict, repeating nonviolent behavior that has been previously practiced is helpful.

3-Levels of Workshops

20130505su-avp-mandalaThere are three workshop levels in the AVP program. Each workshop takes three days, about 20 hours of workshop time.

Everyone begins by taking the Basic Workshop. The basic level workshop builds on such materials as affirmation, communication skills, caring for self and others, while working withing an atmosphere of confidentiality and cooperation. Three days may seem like a long workshop, but you will be amazed at how quickly it flys by. And at completion on the third day you will probably feel, as many have, that we could have easily spent more time on many of the materials.

Once you’ve completed the Basic Workshop you are eligible to particiate in any of the Advanced Level Workshops. You can take as many of the Advanced Workshops as you care to, most of us find that we continue to gain skills, personal growth, insight and understanding, confidence, communication techniques, and a stronger connection to others with every workshop we take. Advanced workshops focus on a single theme or topic, usually touched on in the basic workshop, but taken much deeper and examined more thoroughly.

Having completed a basic and at least one advanced workshop you are eligible to participate in the Training for Facilitators (T4F) Workshop. This is the same path that all AVP Facilitators have taken. Beyond the new or increased skills that you will gain in AVP workshops, is the opportunity to faciltate these workshops for others. Many of us have expressed that this is one of the most rewarding experiences we have enjoyed. Join a world-wide organization of volunteers for the nonviolent choices in resolving conflict and building a more peaceful world.

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